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5th GOFC-GOLD Fire IT and Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS)

9:30 – 9.45 Opening and meeting objectives

Welcome – Alessandra Zampieri – Head of Unit JRC E1 – Disaster Risk Management

Agenda and Objectives of Meeting - J. San-Miguel, D. Roy, M. Wooster

9:45 – 11.40 Burnt area mapping products & research (Chair: Luigi Boschetti, University of Idaho, USA)

NASA fire product status, Louis Giglio, Joanne Hall, Michael Humber, David Roy, Luigi Boschetti, Fernanda Argueta, Wilfrid Schroeder, Chris Justice (USA)  [Presentation]

Fire CCI products (Sentinel-3 synergy and the new African coverage of Sentinel-2 from 2019), Emilio Chuvieco (Spain)  [Presentation]

10.25 – 10.55 Coffee break 

Extending the global fire record back in time before MODIS, Louis Giglio, David Roy, Maria Zubkova, Joanne Hall (USA) [Presentation]

The potential of commercial high resolution satellite data for detailed burned area mapping, David Roy, Haiyan Huang, Myung Cho, Lin Yan, Luigi Boschetti, Vittor Martins (USA) [Presentation]

Burnt area assessment using Sentinel 1A/B SAR and high resolution Planetscope data over South/Southeast Asia, Krishna Vadrevu (USA) [Presentation]

11.40 – 13.10 Lunch break [1 hour 30 minutes]

13.10 – 14.40 Satellite fire product requirements (Chair: Krishna Vadrevu, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)

CEOS LPV fire disturbance status, Louis Giglio (USA) & Gareth Roberts (UK) [Presentation]

Quality Assurance of EO-based Fire products, Bernardo Mota, Emma Woolliams, Anna Pustogvar and Nigel Fox (UK) [Presentation]

2022 GCOS Implementation Plan burnt area requirements, Emilio Chuvieco (Spain) [Presentation

GOFC/GOLD sub-group 2022 GCOS Implementation Plan ECV requirements feedback, Mark de Jong, Louis Giglio, Joanne Hall, Josh Johnston, David Roy, Martin Wooster [Presentation]

General Discussion of GCOS ECV Fire Requirements (burnt area, active fire, FRP, and combustion completeness)

14.40 – 15.00 Coffee break

15:00 – 16:10 Active fire detection research & products (Chair: Josh Johnston, Natural Resources Canada)

An update on NOAA's satellite fire product development activities, Ivan Csiszar and Wilfrid Schroeder, Michael Pavolonis, Shobha Kondragunta (USA) [Presentation]

Active Fire, FRP and Fire Emissions Product Developments from European satellites (Sentinel-3 and Meteosat), Martin Wooster, Weidong Xu, Hannah Nguyen, Jiangping He (UK) [Presentation]

Assessment of Fire Radiative Power (FRP) retrievals from METEOSAT SEVIRI, G. Roberts, M.J. Wooster, T. Strydom (UK) [Presentation]

The current GOES & MSG INPE fire detection algorithm, Alberto Setzer, P.S.S. Victorino, M.J. Bottino and F. Morelli (Brazil) [Presentation]

16:10 – 17:20 GWIS & Fire Information Systems (Chair: Marta Yebra, Australian National University, Australia)

GWIS new GEO and EU work programs, Jesús San-Miguel et al. (Italy) [Presentation]

Updates on NASA's Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS), Diane Davies, Otmar Olsina, Gred Ederer, Asen Radov, Brad Quayle (USA) [Presentation]

GWIS biomass burning emissions tools, Duarte Oom (Italy) [Presentation]

National and sub-national burned area assessment information for fire activity reporting and carbon inventories from the internet based Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), L. Boschetti, D. Roy, A. Sparks, J. San-Miguel [Presentation]

17.20 Summary of the first day – Session chairs  

Wednesday June 22nd

9:30 – 10.45 Future satellite missions and programs (Chair: Louis Giglio, University of Maryland College Park, USA)

WildFireSat Operational Mission, Josh Johnston, Alan S. Cantin, Colin McFayden, Miriam Micael, Didier Davignon, Dan K. Thompson, Mark de Jong, Morgan Crowley (Canada) [Presentation]

NASA's New Wildland Fire Earth Observation Science & Applications Program Developments, Vince Ambrosia et al. (USA) [Presentation]

Who is Using What, When and Why?, Peter Moore & CEOS Wildfire Pilot colleagues [Presentation]

Policies and guidelines for consistent national burned area mapping and estimation by ASEAN member states, Michael Brady [Presentation]

10.45 – 11.15 Coffee break

11.15 – 12.15 Regional network activities (Chair: David Roy, Michigan State University, USA)

GOFC-GOLD RN activities and updates, Krishna Vadrevu (USA) [Presentation]

An update on wildfire research in New Zealand, Ilze Pretorius, Wayne Schou, Grant Pearce, Darrin Woods, Shana Gross (NZ) [Presentation]

RedLatiff recent activities, Gerardo López Saldaña [Presentation]

The Mediterranean Regional Information Network (MedRIN), Vince Ambrosia, Diofantos Hadjimitsis, & Ioannis Gitas [Presentation]

12.15 – 13.45 Lunch break

13.45 – 14.50 Regional network activities (Chair: David Roy, Michigan State University, USA)

Miombo Network & Southern Africa Fire Network update, and spatial analysis of forest fires in Miombo forest reserves, Judith Kamoto & Natasha Ribeiro [Presentation]

The Greek Observatory of Forest Fires: New developments and future outlook, Dimitris Stavrakoudis and Ioannis Z. Gitas [Presentation]

Advances in the Applications of Remote Sensing Technology to Bushfire Management, Adam Leavesley (Australia) [Presentation]

Anja Hoffman, “Current activities on wildfires and climate change” (Germany) [Presentation]

14.45 – 15.10 Coffee break

15.10 – 16.50 Scientific developments and product usage cases (including fire danger, fire emissions estimation & fire effects) (Chair: Emilio Chuvieco, University of Alcala, Spain)

Landscape fire smoke - example air quality and health impact in LMIC countries, Martin Wooster et al. (UK) [Presentation]

Are policy-driven timing shifts in crop residue burning worsening air quality in North India?, Harjinder Sembhi et al.  [Presentation]

Prediction of lightning ignited fire, Francesca di Giuseppe and ECMWF fire team [Presentation]

Current developments for mapping life fuel moisture content to support bushfire management, Marta Yebra (Australia) [Presentation]

Outputs from the FirEUrisk project, Domingos Viegas and Emilio Chuvieco [Presentation]

GFED5 emissions, G. Van der Werf, Randerson, Giglio, Chen, Van Wees, Vernooij, Andela, Morton, Hall [Presentation]

16:50 – 17.00 Summary of the second day presentations – Session chairs

17.00 – 17.15 Summary of the meeting – announcement/discussion of next meeting (J. San-Miguel (JRC, Italy), D. Roy (Michigan State University, USA), M. Wooster, Kings College London, UK)

Meeting Location
Regina Palace Hotel, Stresa (Italy)
Meeting start date
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