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Caucasus Regional Information Network (CaucRIN)

CaucRIN was established in 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The network is an outgrowth of roughly decade old research projects in the region.  The focus of the network is land use and land cover change and its consequences including, but not limited to agricultural abandonment, forest degradation, malaria transmission, agricultural productivity, biodiversity loss, transboundary waters, and carbon dynamics.  Funded by NASA and other agencies, research and training in the region has focused on international collaboration as well as data and information exchange.


Regional meetings

Title Start Date End Date
CaucRIN kickoff meeting Tbilisi, Georgia September 11, 2017 September 15, 2017


US Contact Information

  1. Dr. Volker Radeloff
    Russell Labs
    1630 Linden Drive
    University of Wisconsin
    Madison, WI 53706
    Phone: 608-263-4349



  2. Dr. Mutlu Ozdogan
    Forest Ecology & Environmental Studies
    285 Enzyme Institute, 1710 University Ave
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Phone: 608-262-0873
    Phone (SAGE):  608-890-0336

Regional Contact Information

  1. Dr. Giorgi Ghambashidze

    Head of Laboratory

    Soil Fertility Research Service

    Scientific Research Center of Agriculture

    6, Marshal Gelovani Avenue

    Tbilisi, 0159, Georgia




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