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RedLatif participation on the 4th GWIS and GOFC-GOLD Fire IT meeting

4th GWIS and GOFC-GOLD Fire IT meeting

The 4th GWIS and GOFC-GOLD fire meeting promoted new knowledge and contacts between scientists and experts from the GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks, helping to improve relations at the international level. Discussions held between regional coordinators, members of the Fire IT team and other fire experts helped raise awareness about the problem of fires in the participating countries. The Agenda was organized in 6 sessions: 1) detection of active fires, 2) monitoring and quantification of fire emissions, 3) fire danger assessment, 4) burned areas, 5) regional networks, and 6 ) discussions. Other topics addressed were the public perception of satellite fire products and the development of GWIS and NASA projects.

The Regional Coordinator of the RedLatif presented the local situation in Argentina together with the different fire monitoring strategies based on satellite information.

Meeting Location
Rome, Italy
Meeting start date
Meeting end date


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